How much product do you think you waste when you throw your bottles away before they are empty? Consumer Reports says you are discarding up to 25%. By using our wide range of Spatty products for every room you will get every last ounce of product. In fact, Spatty will pay for itself with only one use. The Spatty is also perfect for decorating, mixing, applying product, etc. for all your craft, home, auto, and culinary projects. Stop throwing all that cash in the trash! Order your Spatty products today or find them at one of our fine retailers! How will you use your Spatty?


Karen S.
Littleton, CO

Glad I finally found your product! I remember seeing you on Shark Tank and I personally thought you had a great solution to an everyday problem. For me, I wanted your spatties to not only scrape out product (Royal Icing) but stir the icing (I make decorated cookies)already filled in these narrow, tall bottles, without having to dump out the icing. It saves me a lot of time. I appreciate the philanthropic aspect of your business and wish you much continued success.

Ocean City, NJ

I am going to buy a "kit" of your product. I'm watching your episode of Shark Tank and I can't believed they passed this up. I am frustrated everytime I get to the bottom of a product and cant get to use the end. I prop up bottles upside down, sideways, etc. i have switched out of my favorite brands just because the packaging makes it impossible to use the entire bottle. Sharks....you missed this one. I look forward to using your invention.

Angie Toccket
State College, PA

I sell and use skin care, makeup and other products in my business. I immediately thought of the body scrub I use when I saw the Spatty on Shark Tank. I use it all the time for that scrub now, plus a gel. Great job, Cheryl on all- around amazing business!

Atlanta GA

Caught a re-run of shark tank and thought to myself "what a cute idea", I have a make up glass bottle that I'm ready to "spat" out !!! Plus I'm a SC native myself, so I had to support!

Victoria Rimasse
North Arlington, NJ

I love the spatty! It was a wonderful, innovative invention. Waiting for Cheryl to come up with a way to get the remains of perfume out of spray bottles. There's always some at the bottom that's impossible to get out and the caps are hard to remove. I have faith in you, Cheryl!

Solly Matsemela
South Africa

Absolutely awesome. The crazy the idea, the most likely it will work.


I purchased the Spatty early in December. It seemed that my moisturizer bottle was almost empty at that time, but here it is FIVE WEEKS later and I am still getting product from the bottle. I am totally in love with the Spatty !! My only wish is to buy the small size individually.

Raleigh, NC

I love this product. What a great idea!


I saw Spatty years ago at Bed Bath & beyond and wish I'd gotten it then. I now have several pump bottles of almost empty bottles of anti-aging cream waiting. So glad I finally found Spatty at my grocery store!!! Thank you! Great product!

Boulder, CO

I was sold on this the first time I saw it. Buying them for everyone I know for Christmas (6 households in all - and they each MUST have one!)

Lake of the Ozarks,MO

Great idea, watched you on shark tank,thought they all made a big mistake. I'm an esthetian/makeup artist, I love this idea so much, thank you. Good luck,God bless.

Topeka, KS

These are awesome!! They are nice thick spatulas. Some of the pictures made them look see through & thin. They are a regular thick spatula but small!! I have used these for make-up, lotions, perfume bottles, spice bottles, everything. Great stocking stuffer idea!!