How to Easily Clean the Rim of a Paint Can

Plan on painting your home’s exterior or updating your kid’s bedroom? Getting ready for one of your many handyman projects? No matter how careful

Top Tricks to Get Makeup Out of the Bottle!

There will be many new makeup products coming out in 2020. How can you make your makeup investment last as long as possible? Are

How to Get the Most From Your Cosmetic Purchases

Your favorite cosmetics can be expensive, so you want to make sure you are getting the most out of them every time you buy.

Welcome to Spatty’s New Website!

Welcome to our new website! We’ve made it easier for you to connect with us and to easily order the Spatty that is right

Stop Wasting Your Makeup

Do you find yourself trying to preserve that last little bit of pricey, discontinued makeup or beauty product? Maybe you have tried cotton swabs
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