A Cooking Utensil To Use All of Your Product

Fridge running a little low? Need to make every meal stretch as much as possible? Stop tossing away food that is stuck in jars

How To Use Every Last Drop of Your Cosmetic Products

You value your skin and buy the best beauty products. How can you get every last drop™ of liquid foundation and mascara? What can

How Do You Get All of The Ketchup Out of a Bottle?

We’ve all been there – trying to get that very last drop out of the ketchup bottle! So, what’s the trick? And why is

Crafting Tip: How Do You Get All the Product Out of the Bottle?

Few things are more nerve-wracking than not being able to get that last drop of paint or glue out of the bottle! Whether you

How Do You Empty a Lotion Bottle?

Because you care about your skin, you buy quality products and lotions. However, lotion buildup at the bottom of a bottle can lead to

How to Easily Clean the Rim of a Paint Can

Plan on painting your home’s exterior or updating your kid’s bedroom? Getting ready for one of your many handyman projects? No matter how careful
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