How to Easily Clean the Rim of a Paint Can

Spatty Handyman Pro tool being used to clean the rim of a paint can

Plan on painting your home’s exterior or updating your kid’s bedroom? Getting ready for one of your many handyman projects? No matter how careful you are, one thing remains true: At the end of the day the paint can will be a mess! Pouring, mixing, and wiping leaves paint dripping and spilling everywhere. Even the […]

Top Tricks to Get Makeup Out of the Bottle!

top view of woman's hands using a Spatty to remove makeup from bottle

There will be many new makeup products coming out in 2020. How can you make your makeup investment last as long as possible? Are you tired of throwing away perfectly good lotion or foundation? Would you like to be able to get that last bit out of your lip gloss tubes? Check out these awesome […]

How to Get the Most From Your Cosmetic Purchases

three cosmetic bottles with two of them spilling their contents

Your favorite cosmetics can be expensive, so you want to make sure you are getting the most out of them every time you buy. But, as you know, sometimes it’s hard to get that last bit out of the bottom of the bottle. In the end, we often throw out nearly a quarter of what’s […]

Welcome to Spatty’s New Website!

Spatty website shown on laptop, iPad, and iPhone

Welcome to our new website! We’ve made it easier for you to connect with us and to easily order the Spatty that is right for you. What is Spatty? How many times have you struggled to get the full use out of a cosmetic product or other containers? When they are new, most containers work […]

Stop Wasting Your Makeup

spatty being used in bathroom with makeup

Do you find yourself trying to preserve that last little bit of pricey, discontinued makeup or beauty product? Maybe you have tried cotton swabs or Q-tips, but they absorb the product and create more waste. And, most bottle openings are so small that you can’t get your finger inside. It can be frustrating and expensive. […]