A Makeup Spatula to Help Save Your Product

woman looking in the mirror while combing hair

You are a makeup connoisseur with the latest exciting collections of top quality beauty products. But it’s frustrating when you have to throw away perfectly good lip gloss or cosmetics in your makeup bag. Americans waste hundreds of dollars each year throwing away good makeup, simply because they can’t reach it. But what is the […]

The One Tool That Every Kitchen Should Have

group of cupcakes with icing on top

Enjoy making delicious treats for your family during the long months of summer. Every home chef needs a special set of tools to make kitchen magic! This year’s best kitchen tools save you money, are super affordable, and easy to use. What is this tool every kitchen should have?  Save Money with the Kitchen Spatty! […]

4 Tips For Getting Every Last Drop of Your Lip Gloss

lip gloss tube laying on desk

Time to get your money’s worth by getting the last drop of your lip gloss! Throwing away perfectly good makeup can be frustrating. Thankfully, we have the perfect hacks for getting the most out of your lip gloss Never throw away full lip gloss tubes again. Like ever! Tip #1: Start with the Oldest First […]

A Cooking Utensil To Use All of Your Product

food on table photographed from above

Fridge running a little low? Need to make every meal stretch as much as possible? Stop tossing away food that is stuck in jars and containers. Eat every bite of your homecooked meals. Take advantage of every penny from your dinner takeout. Whether you are scraping the last bit from the peanut butter jar or […]

How To Use Every Last Drop of Your Cosmetic Products

display of cosmetic brushes

You value your skin and buy the best beauty products. How can you get every last drop™ of liquid foundation and mascara? What can you use to get every little drop of foundation out of the bottle? You don’t need to be a makeup artist to discover our perfect trick to saving every last drop […]

How Do You Get All of The Ketchup Out of a Bottle?

Spatty kitchen spatula being used to recover ketchup from bottle

We’ve all been there – trying to get that very last drop out of the ketchup bottle! So, what’s the trick? And why is it so hard to get the ketchup out of the bottle? Whether you are just learning how to cook or need that last bit of ketchup to avoid another run to […]

Crafting Tip: How Do You Get All the Product Out of the Bottle?

various craft supplies that can benefit from the Spatty crafting spatula

Few things are more nerve-wracking than not being able to get that last drop of paint or glue out of the bottle! Whether you paint and do crafts for yourself or do fun family kids crafts that are easy enough for a toddler, you want to get the most out of your art supplies. You […]

How Do You Empty a Lotion Bottle?

last drop of lotion being pushed out of a bottle

Because you care about your skin, you buy quality products and lotions. However, lotion buildup at the bottom of a bottle can lead to wasted product. Don’t throw away expensive cosmetics and creams. Instead, save yourself hundreds of dollars each year by using every bit of product. How can you reach every drop of your […]

How to Easily Clean the Rim of a Paint Can

Spatty Handyman Pro tool being used to clean the rim of a paint can

Plan on painting your home’s exterior or updating your kid’s bedroom? Getting ready for one of your many handyman projects? No matter how careful you are, one thing remains true: At the end of the day the paint can will be a mess! Pouring, mixing, and wiping leaves paint dripping and spilling everywhere. Even the […]

Top Tricks to Get Makeup Out of the Bottle!

top view of woman's hands using a Spatty to remove makeup from bottle

There will be many new makeup products coming out in 2020. How can you make your makeup investment last as long as possible? Are you tired of throwing away perfectly good lotion or foundation? Would you like to be able to get that last bit out of your lip gloss tubes? Check out these awesome […]