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Glad I finally found your product! I remember seeing you on Shark Tank and I personally thought you had a great solution to an everyday problem. For me, I wanted your spatties to not only scrape out product (Royal Icing) but stir the icing (I make decorated cookies)already filled in these narrow, tall bottles, without having to dump out the icing. It saves me a lot of time. I appreciate the philanthropic aspect of your business and wish you much continued success.

Karen S.
Littleton, CO

I am going to buy a "kit" of your product. I'm watching your episode of Shark Tank and I can't believed they passed this up. I am frustrated everytime I get to the bottom of a product and cant get to use the end. I prop up bottles upside down, sideways, etc. i have switched out of my favorite brands just because the packaging makes it impossible to use the entire bottle. missed this one. I look forward to using your invention.

Ocean City, NJ

I sell and use skin care, makeup and other products in my business. I immediately thought of the body scrub I use when I saw the Spatty on Shark Tank. I use it all the time for that scrub now, plus a gel. Great job, Cheryl on all- around amazing business!

Angie Toccket
State College, PA

Caught a re-run of shark tank and thought to myself "what a cute idea", I have a make up glass bottle that I'm ready to "spat" out !!! Plus I'm a SC native myself, so I had to support!

Atlanta GA

I love the spatty! It was a wonderful, innovative invention. Waiting for Cheryl to come up with a way to get the remains of perfume out of spray bottles. There's always some at the bottom that's impossible to get out and the caps are hard to remove. I have faith in you, Cheryl!

Victoria Rimasse
North Arlington, NJ

Absolutely awesome. The crazy the idea, the most likely it will work.

Solly Matsemela
South Africa

I purchased the Spatty early in December. It seemed that my moisturizer bottle was almost empty at that time, but here it is FIVE WEEKS later and I am still getting product from the bottle. I am totally in love with the Spatty !! My only wish is to buy the small size individually.


I love this product. What a great idea!

Raleigh, NC

I saw Spatty years ago at Bed Bath & beyond and wish I'd gotten it then. I now have several pump bottles of almost empty bottles of anti-aging cream waiting. So glad I finally found Spatty at my grocery store!!! Thank you! Great product!


I was sold on this the first time I saw it. Buying them for everyone I know for Christmas (6 households in all - and they each MUST have one!)

Boulder, CO

Great idea, watched you on shark tank,thought they all made a big mistake. I'm an esthetian/makeup artist, I love this idea so much, thank you. Good luck,God bless.

Lake of the Ozarks,MO

These are awesome!! They are nice thick spatulas. Some of the pictures made them look see through & thin. They are a regular thick spatula but small!! I have used these for make-up, lotions, perfume bottles, spice bottles, everything. Great stocking stuffer idea!!

Topeka, KS

I ordered Spatty's as gifts for a group of girlfriends I hosted for dinner and Bunco. They were a huge hit! I then ordered more as I plan to attach them to upcoming birthday and Christmas gifts for the ladies. They are exactly what you think they are, very handy and made well. And, the customer service is fantastic!

Oviedo, FL

Loved the idea! Was hoping the Sharks would go for it. Way to go! I look forward to buying the Spatty and Spatty Daddy!

Ernestine, Emmonak, Ak

saw this on shark tank and HAD to have it -- what a great money saving item! now she just needs to figure out one for toothpaste tubes!

Vancouver, WA

Congrats on your success, this product is Genius! I saw your pitch on Shark Tank, and thought you def. deserved a deal! I love the name too, so clever and cute.


Not to sound cliche but as the expression goes the best thing since sliced bread. Using the spatty and spatty daddy a lot less of my lotions and such go to waste. It turns into a personal fun mission to see how much you can get out of the containers. Have given as gifts and they love them as well.


Hi, I saw the rerun on Shark Tank last night and I couldn't wait to Google and find your product to order. My co worker saw me ordering it and asked me about it, she ordered one too! We both ordered the combo with caddy. I'll get another Spatty Daddy for the kitchen, I plan to use one of the Spatty Daddy for my lotion and conditioner bottles!!

Theresa and Diana, Philadelaphia

What a great product!! It saves you money!! Outstanding

Minneapolis, MN

Hi, very goot product. I ordered 1 a day back and I very satisfied. I am sorry, my English is not good. I saw u on Sark Tannk. Damond did not spent money but he helped u. Very nice. Goot quality also! Thank you

Rohit Kolekkar
Raleigh, NC

I use these for my craft projects... especially when it comes to get that last bit of paint, glue, etc. Great product!!!!

Deborah S.



I love Shark Tank. Cheryl's pitch was one of my favorites! I too become so frustrated when I can't get my expensive lotion out of the bottom of the barrel! I was heart broken that they didn't give her a deal, but am happy that Damon was of some help to her. I just bought the two pack at Bed, Bath and Beyond and now I am even more happy to hear about some of my money is going for pure water to help others survive. WAY TO GO CHERLY!! a fan..........RENEE K

Renee Kowallek
Macedonia, OH

after seeing it on Shark Tank I couldn't wait to get one - just picked it up at BBB and can't wait to "get the last drops" of my makeup - super idea!!

Las Vegas NV

We have 2 at my job I work at a frozen yogurt shop we have a popular sauce flavor flavor (Peanut Butter) so far we have bough about more than 20 metal ones that have broken in half in the peanut butter pour but so far ever since we bought this product is very resistant and works well for picking up the last bit of peanut butter pour before we blend and wisk it together to a sift consistency! Very great product love it! Love it!

Amarilys R.
Philadelphia, PA

I just saw the Spatty on Shark Tank and immediately looked it up in hopes that I could find it and order it! I have always hated not being able to get to the last of my make up in the bottle and I'm so excited to have a solution! Thank you lady, this is going to be a life saver!


Just saw your episode on Shark Tank, it was a re-run as I saw if before, so I went to the computer to see what was going on with your product now. WoW, congrats young lady, I am going to target tomorrow to get my very own and if they don't have them I will order here on line. So glad you did not give up!! YOU GO GIRL


Just watched your episode of Shark Tank. They are all idiots. This thing is amazing. Thank you!!!


I saw yall on shark tank and I just loooooooved the idea of it. Sooooooo coooooool

Patty White, Austin TX

I LOVED this from the minute I saw Cheryl on Shark Tank. It's an absolute must in every home if you don't want to waste condiments, products, etc. I bought the Spatty and also the Daddy Spatty. I have used both of them numerous times. I hope Cheryl continues invents more things that we need. Since buying this I never lose any foundation or products. I think you will be amazed at how much is normally left in a bottle. LOVE THIS PRIDUCT!!!!!

Cynthia Elefante, Carson City, Nevada

I rarely write a company to comment on their product so this is special! I scraped out 3 to 4 travel-size bottles’ worth of skin lotion without having to cut the bottle with scissors or a knife. It also helps get the bottle as clean as possible before I rinse it for recycling. Spatty is economical and green! What a clever invention. I love it! Thanks for the innovation!

Betty W., Seattle

We love Spatty and Spatty Daddy! We wish you the best because you deserve it. You created it and we hope you do well. We hope that no one or rather big company steals this idea from you because you deserve it. Awesome idea! Good luck!

Spatty Fan, Louisiana

Just bought these at Bed Bath and Beyond... YEY! Saw the Shark Tank, when it was presented for the first time. I thought, it is a great idea.....

CE Studio City CA

Brilliant!!! Major FAIL for the Sharks, however, a blessing for Cheryl as she didn't have to give up 40% of her business. Congrats on the success! I will definitely be buying these!

Jessica, Virginia

I haven't bought the Spatty or the Spatty Daddy, but I just watched Shark Tank and wanted to get an update on your product because I thought it was brilliant. I can see you're doing well!! Congratulations! Gotta love a woman on a mission.

Noble, Washington

Never used this but I need to get it, I saw it on Shark Tank and I feel in love with it :)

Gabby, USA

Saw you on Shark Tank! What a brilliant product! Bought them right away.

--Mimi, DC

I watched you on Shark Tank. I'm so happy for your success! Congratulations.

Maia, Hollywood, FL

Just saw your product on Shark Tank. I love the name, very catchy! Glad to see the spatty has hit the shelves.

Gianna, RI

I saw these at Bed Bath and Beyond and had to have them!! So many times I've thrown away lotions because I can't get the very last drop and it drives me nuts. Hate to waste. I just used the Daddy to get the very last of my peanut butter. May have to get a set now for the kitchen. Great invention and so proud to see you succeed. I am new to Shark Tank (because of Dancing with the Stars) so will need to look for your episode. Good luck to Ya!!

Laura A. - Table Grove, IL

Finally found the website. I had looked in some stores for you but could not find it. I bought 3 to give to other people. Good luck to you!

Cathy J. San Diego,CA

I just saw that episode of Shark Tank and rushed right to the computer to see if I could find the product-what a brilliant idea!! Can't wait to use it on my expensive makeup! So glad your idea got off the ground-I am sure I will be a repeat customer and how great it's on Amazon!

Debora Sanders-Lake Charles, Louisina

I just saw your product on Shark Tank. I'm so glad to see you are at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. I'll be picking up a few this weekend. Congrats!

Frances- Palm City, Florida

Greetings from Sweden. Just saw you on Shark Tank and searched the net because I was curious to see what happened with your business. What a great idea and great names on the products. We need Spatty and Spatty Daddy here in Scandinavia as well. Time to expand and conquer the world... ;-) Must say I was quite surprised to see that none of the Sharks (besides Kevin) were able to fully see the huge potential in your product. Keep up the good work!

Robert K, Gothenburg, Sweden

Such a good idea! Just saw it on Shark Tank, I'm ordering one right now for ketchup.

Andrew, New York

What a great idea! I cannot believe that the sharks didn't realize the value of this, esp. after seeing that they backed a woman who sold kits to make new lipsticks out of old ones. I've been cutting my plastic containers and using what was left in them forever, but they dry out unless I seal them in a ziplock. And with glass bottles, there was no alternative. With Spatty, I can scoop out the remaining product and transfer it to a little airtight pot with a lid. So Clever! You go, girl!

Lainey, St. Louis

My daughter loves spatty daddy so much it's all she asked for for Christmas. Spatty daddys in boxes, bags, and even in her stocking! She loves spatty daddys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flannery Bodington, Spithington Heights

I am on numerous film sets and I use spattydaddy all the time to make I look great in scenes. Thanks spattydaddy!

Nikki Benz LA

I use it make sure I get every last drop of barbecue sauce out of the bottle!

Lane Halsted, Tacoma Washington

I saw this product on Shark Tank and thought it was great. I purchased the combo of the large and small spatty with the holders. I ordered it from thespatty website. The item arrived within a few days which was great. It is very well thought out and I love the holders too. The quality of the product is fantastic. Great job on making such a useful item. Would recommend this to anyone and I am very happy with the order.

Michael K, Irvine, CA

Like many others, I saw the Spatty segment on Shark Tank and I ordered the set off of the internet site. I LOVE the Spatty! I just finished a bottle of my facial cleanser with a pump .. three months after the pump couldn't get any more cleanser into my hand. That's right .. three MONTHS, not three weeks! At $30 a bottle for my cleanser, that alone paid for the Spatty. Now I use it all over the house. The Spatty Daddy is currently in the shower on the big box shampoo bottle and the Spatty is in the kitchen. You know what, I think it is time to buy a 2nd set!!

Cindy S - Conejo Valley, Ca

Spatty Rules! I purchased seven packs (spatty and daddy) for myself, friends, and family. They are a huge hit. They will pretty much be the gift that I give every cousin and girlfriend for a while to come.

C, Georgia

Too funny, you've beat the manufacturers at their own game! Everyone must realize that they make the bottles like that on purpose so they sell more product. I won't patronize certain products after I take it home, open the bottle and find that it has a false bottom (the outside of the jar looks like 6-8oz but the label says 2.5 oz). I think it's dishonest and stealth on customer. Thank you for your product!

Diane, SLC

Hello! I just used your Shark Tank episode in my classroom. My students are developing new products for a Shark Tank presentations. Thank you for inspiring. I will be purchasing a Spatty this afternoon.

Pfleger, Arlington TX

When I saw Spatty on Shark Tank, I immediately thought it was the best idea! I was super frustrated that I couldn't get my full money's worth of make up and lotion from their bottles. I was so excited to get a Spatty, but couldn't believe no one on Shark Tank funded it! I knew it was a winning product and vowed to buy it if it hit the market. Just saw it at Bed Bath & Beyond today and was extatic to finally get my own. Thank you Cheryl for creating this amazing money saving tool!!!

Chandra - Missoula, MT

We saw you on Shark tank you were awesome. Even though you did not get a deal you won the hearts of the shark.

Mary M, Holiday, Florida

In the Spatty Caddy

John F. Plano, Texas

Great solution, great product, great price. I hope every household purchases the Spatty and Spatty Daddy. I am a Shark Tank nut, although I don't use make-up, I do use lotions and I know a lot of women that do. after the original show and the repeat I recently saw I spread the word to my friends and they all love your product. I never blog about products but I want everyone to know, this product is fantastic and you'll have it paid for itself after one use alone. I'm very happy for you nd your great product.

John F. Plano, Texas

These products really work - I'm sure they've already paid for themselves. I bought one for cosmetics and one for food. Make great Christmas stocking stuffers! Get the containers too.

Joanne, Florida

When I saw these on Shark Tank I thought "brilliant!". I'm frugal and always cut tubes open to get the last of the product, and it's a messy business. Will I pay $10 to save time, money and aggravation, and support a woman-owned business that donates to clean water? Most gladly! And Lori thought it was just a "promotional item"... sorry sharks, you were all wrong this time. Wishing continued success for Spatty and it's Daddy!

LT - Chicago

Dear Cheryl, I saw you on Shark Tank and immediately fell in love with you and your product! I just received my Spatty and Spatty Daddy and I couldn't be happier with the size and quality. Even better than I expected! I am rooting for you to make millions, you Southern Sweetie! Congratulations and continued success!

Charlotte, Memphis, TN

Saw this on Shark Tank, glad to see that you are doing well!

Carebear Gummi, The land of the Sweets

Saw you on Shark Tank and you are cute as a button but most important, this product is genius!! I worked in the cosmetics dept of Dillard's department store for 3 yrs and cannot tell you how many times customers would say, I am spending so much money on foundation, lotion, face creams, etc and it's such a pain to try and get that last little bit out of the bottle! Such a simple idea but it really does solve a problem for so many people!! Best of luck to you and I will be ordering my Spatty and Spatty Daddy as soon as I post this! :)

Melissa, Florida

If it weren't for you I would have had to throw away a $52 bottle of eye cream! The dispenser was faulty and I had no way of getting the very expensive cream out of the bottle...until now! Thank you!

LB New Jersey

I had ordered both the smaller and larger Spatty Daddy after seeing the episode on Shark Tank. It is so nice to be able to save money -- especially nowadays -- and these tools help you do just that! I especially like the smaller one for my facial moisturizer bottles --- when using it, I can usually get enough out of the bottle to extend it for another week. Would highly recommend this product to anyone --- you will be very happy with it.

Karen E. - Chicago, IL

Cheryl Rigdon - you are absolutely adorable!!! I can't help smiling from ear to ear anytime I hear you say spatty and spatty daddy :-) What a great invention and fantastic catchy name! You are wonderful - keep up the great work!

Matthew - San Francisco, CA

this is great to use on make up stuff and that . I don't have one just because i'm portuguese kkk .

Mary S. - Porto,Portugal

Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa H. Syracuse NY

Nice done, i just saw the episode of shark tank with you in it. I was sondering of this lady had continued starting her business. And she did!! I am very proud of what you have done, go on and i know you Will sell a lot of this wonderfull product!

Im from holland

I saw it on Shark Tank and thought it was an incredible idea. I was happy to know that I could order it. I just received it in the mail today and I am so happy!! I love it!!

Pasca Amato, Montreal Quebec

I was happy see this at Bed Bath and Beyond and bought it right away. This is the best idea, and I couldn't believe Cheryl wasn't funded on Shark Tank! It works beautifully, and I'll be buying more for my friends and family.

Carol, Denver, CO

Crap, I just watched the episode on the tank. I just threw away a really expensive bottle of foundation that still had stuff in it and because it was a glass bottle I couldn't just cut it in half with scissors like I usually do with everything. I need a daddy bad! Also I like that your site has a comment review section because I love helping out people if their business/product is good

4-2-14 Jasmine, Seattle, WA

Watched your episode on Shark Tank. I'm going to show this product to my wife and daughters. Congrats to you and all the best!

Paul, Cannon Beach Oregon

We saw you on Shark Tank and we love you and your product. We bought it, love it and want to wish you continued success!!!!


I love my Spatty!! I am super excited that the Spatty is now in Bed, Bath and Beyond. Success!! Congratulations!!

MaryEllen - Black Forest, CO

Saw you on Shark Tank, bought the items. Love them. I have saved so much on product. Thanks guys, as I always used QTips which didn't work well.

Bridget, Canada

Love this. The best money saving tool I have ever owned. I got this for my birthday and was so excited. Great idea you had! Good luck in your future.

Kathy in Island Lake, IL

I saw it on Shark Tank and immediately wanted this product. I got the pair for my birthday and am delighted. Great product and great idea on your part. I will use this product forever as the best money saving tool I have ever owned.

Kathy Island Lake, IL

Saw this on shark tank and as a makeup addict I instantly fell in love!

Chelsea, Texas

I bought the blue ones right after I saw them on Shark Tank. I had been looking for a product like this for months. Really worked well for getting that last drop of expensive face products. My husband broke the Spatty Daddy by accident. So, I ordered the pink ones and I LOVE them! I am buying for by daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas!

Sue, Lockport, IL

This is awesome! Especially for frugal people like me. I hate wasting anything and this is really a great invention!

Jessica B. - Las Vegas, NV

I saw you on shark tank and i got to say, i love Spatty. Great product. Wish we had it here in Nairobi. I wish you much success. Good Luck!

Victor, Nairobi.

Hi I saw this on Shark Tank and thought it was great! I will be ordering a few sets of these. I like how you now offer the case. The Wen company should include these with their orders as their pumps do not work for their products and this would be the only way to get the product out. You may want to approach them if you haven't already!

Debbie , Pa

Love it!! Works so good even with small bottles! Thank-you for creating this tool. Good Luck to you in the future.

Lucy, VA Beach

LOVE IT!! I am with a new company called Bioceutica and they have the best Facial products and now I have the best tool to help get it out of the bottom of the bottle. I like that I am not losing product or money by throwing out the extra product. I love this product so much, I want to get the most out of it. And we have Small bottles, so the Spatty is PERFECT!!

Lucy, VA Beach

wow this is amazing what a product to make thanks a lot

john smitherson jamaca

I love this product. I've already purchased 4 of 'em and will use them forever! Awesome product! I also wanted to wish you very good luck on getting that Super Bowl commercial spot next year, Sheryl! I've posted your product on my FB page and do my best to make my vote everyday! I really hope you win! Regardless, you will always have a customer in me! Thanks so much for being a thinker!

Laurie Herbert, Cotati, CA

Best invention ever! It should be in every home! :)

Ashley Gronewald Raleigh, NC

This is a very cool product!

Susan, Florida

I just saw this on Shark Tank and ordered the pink set and the holders. You are so clever. Good for you. I can really use your product. I love to see women entrepreneurs! So practical!

Marianne- Northern CA

I received my set today in the mail. I opened it up & used it right away on a tube of hand lotion that I couldn't squeeze anymore out of (it's also a favorite that's being discontinued). I cut off the end and use the Spatty Daddy and I got out a HUGE amount of the lotion! I was SO HAPPY! I knew there had to be more product in there and I just did NOT want to throw it away until I had used all if it. Now with the Spatty Daddy I can get every last drop of this great hand lotion! Thanks SO MUCH for creating such a great item.

Lynn K., Lansing, MI

I saw you on shark tank and loved you and your idea. so glad Damen teamed up to help you. i am giving the spatty as gifts to all my friends, they love them as much as i do and they are ordering as well. Keep up the great work.

mary, girffin ga

This product really does work!!! There have been so many times that I was at the "end" of a bottle of lotion, diaper cream, etc and was like, "Oh man....I can tell there is still more in there...but I just can't get it out." And then I remembered, "Oh yeah....someone invented a tool just for this and I have one!" Because nothing like this has ever existed before I keep having to remind myself that it's finally here and available for me to use! Thank you Cheryl!!! Being a mom of 4 I hate throwing stuff away and wasting ANYTHING! Every penny counts and making a bottle of diaper cream last another week is amazing! Using the Spatty really has extended the use of my products by at least a week if not more (depending on how much you use and how often you use it). If you don't have one of these yet I would highly recommend you buying one, or several (I like having one designated for the baby stuff, one for beauty products, and another for kitchen use). I promise you it'll get used :) It's inexpensive, functional, effective, and cost saving. You will be so glad you bought this product!

Tina, Raleigh

I use the small spaddy to clean my small eye serum containers. I used to throw away alot of product before I saw you on shark tank. Would also be nice to have something like this to retain the product in my lip gloss. I really throw away alot of product there. Also, I have a second use for the plastic container. When I travel, I use that container to put my eyeliner brush inside so it doesn't get ruined in my cosmetic purse. Also I like to carry in my everyday purse,so I use the container for that as well.

Bonnie Pettipiece, Minnesota

Saw you on Shark Tank, ordered a set for myself and now I'm ordering more as gifts. Everyone is getting Spattys for the holidays!

A.S., Portsmouth NH

Hi. just ordered the pair and the caddy's. I was very impressed with how you handled yourself on Shark Tank. And why did i not think of this idea? Well done! I'm waiting for my order. Will let you know what i think of it soon

Janine, Portugal

Perfect! Works great and is already saving me money! Thank You!

Jackie, StP/Mpls Minnesota

Love this idea! I've thought about it almost every day since I saw you on Shark Tank! Can't wait to get it and use it....I'm a Independent Skin Care/Cosmetics consultant-I'm sure I'll be ordering many more of these to use at my consultations!

A.S., CHattanooga TN

We saw you on Shark Tank and the name Spatty stuck with me. Tonight I was trying to get lotion out and couldn't. So I ordered my Spatty Daddy!! Thank you for creating this product, the Sharks missed out! I wish you much success!

Susan, Arizona

Had this on my mind every since I saw you (twice - one rerun) on Shark Tank, but couldn't remember the name of it. Well I've found you and I'm ordering that little guy because I'm sick of throwing out 1/4 of my makeup in the bottle.

Carol, Pittsburgh, PA

Nice product I love shark tank and I think your product Is one of the best that I saw on the show!


Boy have I been waiting for something like this. There is so much product that gets wasted in jars and bottles because I can't get it out. Thank you so much for inventing this. Saw the presentation on Shark Tank and said "I so need that!" I hope you make millions from this!

Karen, Washington

I saw your product on Shark Tank and I think it's amazing. You should sell them here in Europe. My girlfriends would love to have a spatty and spatty daddy^^

Alex, Bern Switzerland

I saw you on Shark Tank the first time and thought it was such a fantastic idea. It was obvious that guys don't get it. Was surprised that the woman didn't see how great it is. Caught it again when they showed it in March. Glad you're doing well. I'm ordering some for me and for friends. You go, Girl!

Jan, Vestal, NY

Saw this amazing person presenting to the Shark Tank and thought how cleaver she and the product were. Couldn't believe no one picked up on this... their loss. Am ordering now.

Sharon, Pennsylvania

Sweetheart, I love you! You are the most creative, innovative, and the most stupendous girl I know! This product has SAVED MY LIFE! LOVE FOREVER, Reneé

Reneé, California

I ordered mine and got the Spatty right away! It's a great tool and I know you will go far!

AwesomePerson, Narnia

I haven't tried this yet because I have to wait til payday. I want one so bad. The Sharks(on Shark Tank) were idiots, especially the lady since she herself knows we all need this product! Keep up the great work!!

Melony, California

So happy you are doing well! It's one thing to have a great idea (which you do), but it's another more important thing to have a great attitude and strong character. I will order these for all of the girls in my life, and I hope that you have long, success career doing what you love.

Mike, Philadelphia

I haven't ordered yet but saw you on Shark Tank and loved you. You are beautiful and very inspirational to women out there that have ideas that don't have the confidence to take them to the next level. I hope you make millions on your idea.

Michelle, Columbus, OH

We watched you on the Shark Tank and have used the term Spatty Daddy (we love saying it!) almost every day since. Although we laugh about it, we always say we wish we had one to get stuff out of jars. So for Fathers Day I ordered the set and it will get a great reaction when he opens it! And then we can stop saying, "Wish I had a Spatty Daddy!".

Susan, New York

Just saw your update on Shark Tank, so glad to see success coming your way. Just placed my first order and sure I'll be back for more. Good Luck to you.

Stephanie, Fort Worth TX

As soon as I saw this on Shark Tank, I knew I wanted one of each. What a great idea. I'm so happy that your idea has turned into a company and even without a deal from the sharks, you made it happen! Congrats! Also, I comend you on making the products in America and still making the product affordable to customers. I can't wait to get mine!!

Tia, Bay Area, California

You have coupled a very catchy name with something that is of real value. I think you are absolutely charming. I wish you all the success. You go girl!

Richard - Brookings, OR

This idea, once you get past its simplicity and the fact that it's a miniature spatula, is actually pretty smart! My husband needed to get the last of some epoxy glue out and he said, "Wish I had a spatty". Anyway, just wanted to suggest that maybe you should make them out of wood. Then you can sell them like q-tips. You use one and then buy another because who really likes to clean anything, right? Anyways, being made of wood, I can see these at all the Home Improvement stores and men would certainly buy them, not just women.

Brenda, Charlotte, NC

this is THE best invention, I also cut open the bottom section of my expensive Aveda hair cream to use the whole tube!! great idea, will re-order for my kitchen for the mayonniase and ketcup bottles!! debbie Dallas TX

Debbie, Dallas TX

I saw you on shark tank and thought "Why didn't I come up with that?" LOL. I'll be ordering one soon.

Carson - Sumner, Washington

I saw you on the shark tank and I saw you are successful! Great job those sharks were wrong not to get with u! This idea is amazing and Im ordering many right now :)

Laqueshia, Texas

I saw you on Shark Tank and couldn't believe what this product does! I have been searching for years for something that could help me get the last of the lotion from my bottles. I am super excited to use your product and love that it was invented by such a wonderful person!

Michelle, Indiana

I just ordered my pair of Spattys, I saw you on Shark Tank and loved your presentation. The shear simplicity of your idea is what will make it a hit. Every woman can relate to this dilemma and you came up with the solution! Good for you and much success!I will order more for my lady friends.

Suzie, Wisconsin

I saw you on Shark Tank & I'm so happy your business is going good! Keep up the good work, I love both products!

Mia, PA

I LOVE the Spatty. And by that, I mean I LOVE the Spatty. Like, I Love it even more than I love the Spatty. But the Spatty Daddy I love even more than I love the Spatty. Oh, by the way, I LOVE the Spatty. Even more than the Spatty Daddy. But I also love the Spatty Daddy more.

Patty Schmoebler, Mexico City, Maine.

SPATTY DADDY is gonna be the next big thing. I'm 65 years old, wise, beauty beyond my years big business investor and SPATTY DADDY is the best thing I've ever seen. I've seen many wonders, great opportunities, in my life. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, sand to sand, earth, wind, fire, air, life. This will make you millionaire, rich, smart, great, remembered like any Gates or Gatsby. You will go far, kid, I see it in your eyes like so many great businesspersons before you. Good luck but you don't need it kid

Antonio Vazquez, Bolivia

I have diabetes type II. I have to eat sugar a lot to keep my blood sugar high. The other day, I had a low blood sugar attack. However, using my Spatty Daddy, I was able to scoop up a huge glob of pure honey and return my blood sugar to normal.

Brenda McBuckets, Atlanta Georgia

My life has been so sad. Spatty has helped me overcome my depression. People made fun of me for being a derp. My derpy face was so ugly. But then I got a spatty daddy. Then my life changed. Thank you spatty daddy for during my depression.

Mohammad LaTal Potosho Cincoseisdos, Utopia, Ohio

The spatty. It is a revolutionary device for my makeup application. I never thought I could apply my makeup in this way. I hope in the future to see more spatty products so that I can buy it. I want you spatty. SPATTY FOR LIFE!! My makeup has been spatified.

Laquisha Bofodoo, West Side

Great product!

John Taylor- of Portland, Oregon

I saw you on Shark Tank and thought your product was awesome. I think about the Spatty every time I toss a bottle of lotion. I finally bought the set and both the caddies. I can't wait for them to arrive. I am sure I will be ordering more, as they will make great Christmas presents. Wishing you continued success.

Bryn, Raleigh

you are amazing!


Thought the Sharks made a bad decision! The minute I saw the episode, I said to my husband, "That's EXACTLY what I need!!!" As I looked at my expensive tiny bottle of moisturizer this morning, I thought about the spatty and rushed to my computer to Google it. Thank goodness it's available. Bought two of each with caddies. Very reasonable shipping charges, so I will definitely be buying for all my friends and family members. Good luck to you!!!

Nancy, Arkansas

Your product is amazing! Such a simple idea that makes life for this makeup artist SO much easier! You're going to do great things, my dear! :)

Ashley, Carmel

I thought this was such a great idea when I first saw this on Shark Tank and since then, every time I am at my wit's end trying to scrape out the remains from my lotion and makeup bottles, I think of the Spatty and wishing I had one. Just saw the Spatty update on Shark Tank and so excited knowing you can order online and that you are doing so well. Thanks Cheryl and kicking myself that I didn't check for these online sooner!

Sharon - Palm Springs, CA

Saw you on the The TANK and thought what a great idea! I needed your product because I have been dealing with the same frustrating problem of not being able to get my lotion out of the bottle for years love it !!!

Marie, Ohio WooHoo

Cool idea! Cannot wait to get one :)

Virginia, NC

Saw you on Shark Tank and wanted to buy one!! Just ordered both and think they're going to be used for multiple tasks--Awesome idea!!

Brenda, Maine

good product!


Its so cool l love it my dad also Ps he's so cheap

paula los angellos

OMG, why did I not have one of these a week ago, when I was scraping the remains of my (very expensive) hair product out of the bottle?! I probably trashed at least a week's worth of product! I need one of these so bad.

Vivian, California

i just ordered my pair and caddy. Can"t wait to get it and show it to all of my friends and family!!!

Kim, Maryland

Wow I saw the episode I love them! Keep it up never give up! I also agree that you should make a baby spatty! Keep up the good work! (:

Kate, Missouri

Saw you on the Shart Tank and was disappointed they didn't make you a great offer. Many thanks to Daymon for stepping up to the plate and helping you. I'm ordering today and will order more in August for Christmas stocking gifts. I'm so grateful that I don't have to throw away a quarter bottle of make up anymore. A GREAT invention. Good luck to you.

Elizabeth, Georgia

After seeing you on Shark Tank, my daughters and I have said many time, "what we need is a Spatty!". I was pleased to see the update on your business on Shark Tank recently! Good work! Way to follow your dream and work hard! Can't wait to start using them!

Lauren- Iowa

Great product idea! Great entreprenerial spirt! Saw you on Shark Tank and they just blew it by not giving you a deal! I can't wait to order the spatty. YOU GO GIRL! :) Donna

Pittsburgh, PA

Just ordered two pair. One for me and one for my daughter. I think I will be back to order more for Christmas stocking stuffers for all the girls on my list! Love your idea and can't wait to get our Spattys. Saw you on the Shark Tank whe you presented and was impressed. Saw your update last night on Shark Tank. Glad to see you are doing well!

Johnna, Midlothian

Its so cool l love it my dad also Ps he's so cheap

paula los angellos

spatty is awesome

jr california

I have been a believer since I saw you day one on the Shark Tank. I have been looking for something like this for YEARS (that and a long qtip/sponge type too). I will cratively cut packaging open to use all of the product within. You are a gem, oh and I LOVE your accent too! Awesome work! you have a cheerleader in me for you!

Allison VanOcker, Washington DC area

Congrats! I saw you on Shark Tank & I thought you were so humble that I have to purchase your product one day. I am rooting for you to continue to do well!

Lisa R. Atlanta, GA

Finally ordered my Spattys! So happy for all your success. Keep it up! I also love that you charge a fair amount for shipping!

Liz, Southern California

I saw the product on shark tank for the first time and thought it was an amazing idea. I was very diappointed that none of the sharks bit. Tonight i saw the update and was so excited to see that it has made it to a production phase. I now have my product on order. You keep moving forward. Well done.

Dina, Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Ever since I saw your pitch on Shark Tank I have been wanting a Spatty and Spatty Daddy. I am so glad that you invented your product. I just purchased the Spatty Pair. I am also impressed about some of your proceeds being donated for a clean water fund in developing countries. Keep up the awesome work!

Jackie, Winnipeg, Canada

Just saw you on Shark Tank --- very clever are you! LOVE IT!

Kimy Atlanta

Saw you update on Sharks Tank (5/10/13) and thought what a brilliant idea. I am on holiday from UK and am ordering some to take back to my daughter and her friends for little stocking fillers on the Christmas tree. Well done, I wish you all the best, even better knowing you are donating some of the profits to such a worthwhile cause.

Gail Meaden, Stockport, UK

I think of you every time my makeup won't pump up the foundation left in the bottom of the bottle! I always say, " I need a Spatty!" Now I am ordering one. Go back on the Shark Tank and ask them again. They can make you millions! Thank you for your perfect product.

Lynn Allen, Tobaccoville, NC

Saw you on shark tank & I can't believe I didn't order right away.... Now I'm sitting here with so much Mac foundation in the bottle & no way to get to it! Thanks for such a great innvention & the courage to be on TV & up against the "sharks"

Hina, Allen, TX

Seriously this is the best thing I've bought in years! thank you!

Joy, Colorado Springs

we just saw you on a re-run of shark tank! love your product!!!

carly, lauren, alexa - boulder co

Shame on The Sharks for declining your offer. It is such a great idea, and extremely useful as well. Keep up the food work!

Tommy, Boston

Saw you on Shark Tank! I'm ordering the pair now for my wife. Might have to order more, after my daughters see them!

Dave, Missouri

Saw you on Shark Tank and thought they all missed out on an amazing possibility. You showed them! I have received my first set and just ordered two more for my daughter and daughter-in-law. I have used everything from Q-tips to cuticle sticks for this purpose - you are wonderful!

Pauli - Indianapolis

The Spatty is such a good idea! I just ordered mine, and can't wait to start using it. A smart, money-saving tool!

Amy, Vermont

You are AWESOME! And your idea is incredible and innovative! Keep it up!!! :)

Andi & Ashlyn, Miami, FL

Awesome, can't wait to get mine! I agree with the comment about a baby spatty for lip gloss tubes. I would buy several baby spatties :)

Megan, Tremonton UT

I never watch Shark Tank , but caught this episode. So glad I did! I told my husband today that I have needed the Spatty Daddy like 8 times since I saw the show! He told me to google it and I was soooo excited to see I could buy it!!! Congrats to the sweet girl that invented it!! What a doll, she deserves alll the success in the world! :) Thank You for Spatty Daddy!!!

Jennifer, Phoenix, AZ

Cheryl, I just saw your presentation on Shark Tank tonight and can't tell you how excited I was to see there was a product, actually kicking myself " why didn't I think of that". Like you it drives me crazy not to get my last drop out of a container. To many make up companies spend to much time on pretty containers that I personally could careless about. Just give me a round jar container especially for my makeup so I can get all of my product. I wear Elizabeth Arden products and will cut the plastic bottle to get the last drop. I have even recyled out jars to cut the bottom out of a lotion bottle just to save the product. I look forward to placing my order. Good luck with your company .

Debbie, Salem, Alabama

I love your product I would so buy it. The only problem is I am only 10, lol but my mom wants one.

Kylie, 10965

I was just in the shower shaking the heck out of a bottle of shampoo, and then got a huge glob, about five times more than I needed. I yelled "I need a Spatty Daddy!" When I got out of the shower and toweled off, I headed straight for the computer before I even finished dressing. I can't wait to get it.

Tracey, Boston, MA

Congratulations on your success! I saw you on Shark Tank the first time it aired and then again on 3/22 and have finally placed an order (I ordered the pair). I'm really looking forward to receiving them and will be purchasing more for gifts later in the year. Thanks again for your wonderful product, I know you will be a HUGE success.

Nanci - Dacono Colorado

my dog loved this tool! It helped to get the peanut butter out of his kong!

Boston, Massachussetts

I love this product. It helps me everyday to get the extras in my nutella bottel. Shark tank needs to take a hike. I LOVE NUTELLA!

Lorsin Charleson, gilbert Arizona

Hi I saw your product on shark tank and I love it. I work for a cosmetic line, so I will send my angry customers (angry because they can't get to the bottom of their product) to your website to purchase your product. Thanks for the great idea!

Sarah, Charlotte NC

I love my set of Spatty's! I preordered them when you were first on Shark Tank. I have just placed a second order for my sisters! Purchasing each of them a Spatty and Spatty Daddy pair! Thank you Cheryl for your great invention. I saved a weeks work of application on a skincare serum with the use of the Spatty that I could never reach or get to! Go Cheryl!

Julie, Missouri

I saw Spatty on the Shark Ttank. That's the first product I've ever seen on Shark Tank that I KNEW was exactly what I needed. I've been trying to dig that extra product out of bottles with Q-tips, popsicle sticks and all sorts of thing that didn't work well. I just used my Spatty for the first project, rescuing that generous amount of lipstick at the bottom of my favorite tube. Worked like a charm. I'm very pleased with this product. I saw ads on for similar products which seemed to be more expensive, so I purchased the Spatty instead (besides, the owner charmed me on the Shark Tank, so I wanted to purchase from her.)

Rhonda, Austin TX

Hi Cheryl You were totally awesome on Shark Tank and I loved your product. What a great idea. I will be ordering some for sure--not just for myself but for others. It's wonderful that you love to help others. God bless you as you use the creative & problem solving ability He gave you for His Glory.

Cathy Weitner Canada

A brilliant product idea with super-clever names! Good luck to you!

Amanda from Knoxville, TN

Just ordered my set - this is GENIUS! Thank you and keep up the hard work - it will most definitely pay off!

Dande, San Diego, CA

I am one of your new admirers who saw the re broadcast of Shark Tank and think the investors missed out on a terrific investment by passing on your opportunity. I have spent years squeezing, probing and using other things to get the last drop out of the jars and bottles of my cosmetics products, both the expensive ones and the cheap ones. Shout out to you for your idea. Although I have not used the Spatty yet, I placed an order for two sets, one for me and one for my daughter for which I expect we will both be happy with the invention! Good luck to you in the sales and marketing of your product that will make you a millionaire without the burden of "partners"!!

Kim - Medford, Oregon

Just saw you on shark tank, I want these for sure. Would love them in pink!

Kelly, Calgary, Canada

I ordered 2 sets. I love this product.

Toronto, Canada

Cool! It's so easy!

Grace in MI


Grace mi

I saw you on the first Shark Tank and thought for SURE you would get an offer - I was shocked when you didn't! It's such a great idea - much better than the little spatulas made for kitchen use that I used to use was!! Good luck to you,I'm sure you will do well!

Suzy Zellweger, Roseburg,Oregon

OH man I am so excited that you created this product! I adored you on Shark Tank, the moment I heard you explain what your product is I knew I had to have it. I have super sensitive skin; the face lotion I need is $25/ bottle (for only 3 oz) and I go through about 4 every year! Can't wait until my Spatty babies come in so I can save that last bit of product. Thank you so much Cheryl! Major props gurl, Imma tell all my friends about this! :)

Amanda San Jose, CA

Just ordered the pair bc since seeing the shark tank we had two prob ll ems the spatty could have solved so we ordered. Thx!

Michelle- north port,fl

Extremely smart idea! I always use the stick of the lotion and makeup pumps to scrape around the walls! When can we order? Why didn't I think of this! LOL

Noelle, Bronx NY

I fell in love with you AND your product! Every girl needs one of these. Wen shampoo is expensive and I feel like I waste money every month because no matter how hard I bang on the bottom, it's wasted. Great job! I love your story. I'm proud of you and we are routing for your success!

Kim Boyes, Palm Beach Gardens FL

I think the Sharks really missed out on this one. It is so simple, yet so brilliant! It is affordable and, more than that, it will pay for itself in no time! My mom just ordered some for herself and for my sister and I. I'm so excited to get them, as I already have plenty of plans for them! I recently "finished" a bottle of Esteé Lauder Double Wear (the dreaded pump-less glass bottle) and I've been refusing to throw it away because of how much product is stll in there. I plan on ordering 2 more sets! This way, I'll have a set for the kitchen (condiment bottles), the bathroom (facewash, shampoo, etc.), and one for my makeup and skin care products. Oh the possibilities! Lol Thank you!!

Brooklynn, Georgia

This product and you are so cute....can't wait to get it. Good luck to you and loved seeing you on Shark Tank. I'll tell all my friends. Love love love the idea!!

Peggy, Pearlnd, Texas

Great tool


Saw your episode, again, on a Shark Tank rerun this weekend. I have to say that I LOVED your product this time as much as when I saw it on TV the last....and many times I have wished I had one of these when scraping up the last of my very expensive makeup!! This time I am placing an order and I'll be sure to spread the word! Thanks Cheryl and great job!!

Suzanne, Austin, TX.

Just bought the Spatty Daddy and can't wait to use it. I saw the episode on Shark Tank and was really rooting for you. Too bad the sharks didn't bite at the opp. Great idea and you go girl!!


Great Idea... Saw you on Shark Tank and ordered immediately. Can't wait to get my duo!

Lisa, Oceanside, CA

I recommend you buy two sets: one set for food items and one set for lotions, etc. What a great product! I read the consumer reports taht showed how much we throw out because we can't get it out of the bottles. Thanks for thinking these up and making them. Can't wait to get my two sets.

Anna Isaacs - Tucson, AZ

Great for Spatty Mamma - Cheryl and her Spatty and her Spatty Daddy as they Spatty the World - One Drop at a Time! Don't stop moving forward with your motivation and your Spatty's as you have a great idea and you are helping the world by us not wasting our hard earned money, thanks Spatty Mamma Oregon loves you!

Spatty Wanna B, Oregon

I just watched you on shark tank, this idea is so brilliant , I can't believe I didn't think of it ! I am a hairstylist and I turn all my containers upside down to get the remaining product. This would definitely come in handy in hair, nail and massage salons! Go to the different product lines and to Sally's , salon centric, cosmopro and other stores that serve in this industry! Be blessed!

Kimberly Thomas, Tallahassee, FL

What an amazing idea! This is the solution to one of the major annoyances in my life! Thank you, are the "I did it" inventor, instead of the "why didn't I think of that?" person. I no longer have much faith in shark investors either. Look so forward to receiving my order.

Lesley - Roanoe, VA

I just watched this on Shark Tank. They were a fool to not cut a deal with you! I seem this and feel in love. You have a loyal customer! Good luck with everything! Your New Customer, Stephanie

Stephanie - Memphis, TN

Sooo have to have these! Fantastic name, can't say it without smiling. Will be a great stocking stuffer next year for the holidays, these need to be in Bed Bath & Beyond and in the cosmetic aisles at major retailers. Best of luck to you with your business.

Amanda, Los Angeles CA

I love this idea... should be on every drug store shelf. The Sharks don't have much imagination. I've been scraping my $40 bottle of Lancome face makeup out with a makeshift Q-tip for years.. I'm buying one of these soon. Most cosmetic companies would like us to re-buy rather than get to the last drop.. Smart invention.. I'd like to PIN it will that be an option?

Elaine Rydman, Aberdeen, WA

I just watched your episode on shark tank and was so in love with your product and so surprised they didn't bite! Such an amazing idea and you put so much work into it! I kept telling my husband I want it I want it! I am a Mary Kay consultant and I would love to have this in our product line I really think it would sell so well, so please do what you can to talk to the Mary Kay reps and get this going :)

Elayna, Sonoma County, CA

You are so amazing! This is such a great product and I hope you get all the success you deserve with this product!!

Lauren - Evansville, IN

I think this is a great idea. I hope you make a million off of it. I have searched every where for a product like this. I use hand lotion on my feet to help with diabetic problem. I need the thick lotion that cost around $10 a bottle. I have been cutting the bottle apart. Still the lotion dries up. I think this will solve the problem nicely. Thanks to Shark Tank for showing this great product.

Kenneth Worley, Fairview NC

Saw the show last night... I can't wait to place my order. I think this is BRILLIANT! I have a bottle of expensive hair product that I refuse to throw out because there's at least 5 or 6 more "pumps" left in there, if the dumb tube would reach the bottom. I'm finally going to be able to use it! I couldn't imagine spending the money on it again when I still have some left!

Vanessa - Miami, FL

I don't have my product yet. I have ordered both with caddies. Your product is ingenious. I have tried all manner of methods to reach the bottom of my product bottles. Great Idea, and I look forward to using my product.

Jeannette - Tampa, FL

This tool is great! I really want to do I?

Katy,Los Angelas CA

I saw you last night on TV. You are an amazing woman and entrepreneur. With God on your side, you can do anything. God Bless you and your new business.

Margie Perez, Texas

Saw your product on 3/22/13 and I think it's brilliant. I think the Sharks were wrong about trying to promote it with, e.g., beauty companies. They actually don't want us to get all the product out of the jars - so we'll buy more sooner! I think it would be good if you could hang the packages in drug stores and grocery stores by the cashier.

Jeanne - NJ

When I saw your episode on Shark Tank last night, I was so excited because the waste at the bottom of lotions and potions bottles is one of biggest pet peeves. I was shocked when none of the Sharks was interested! Obviously, they have more money than they know what to do with so they have no problem throwing out a bottle with product still clinging to the sides and bottom! I am placing my order today! Don't give up, this is a GREAT idea!!

Linda, Jackson, NJ

I've been turning my lotion bottles upside down for years to get the very end of the bottle. This is going to be so much easier and to think I can get all of the product from my makeup. No more waste. I too saw you on Shark Tank, I'm sure the "sharks" are kicking themselves for not investing in your invention. They all were complimenting on how much they "loved" you..that a plus. I wish you great success.

Terri R Ogden, Utah

Just wanted to tell you how much I really love your products even thought I have not yet had the opportunity to try them out. We just saw the rerun of the "Shark Tank" episode last night and to be honest I had forgotten about the products after the first airing of the show. We love your southern accent as well! We are also from the south "ALABAMA". You go girl! Plan to advertise for you and finally order my very own "Spatty and Spatty Daddy". Keep rocking on those clever inventions...

Diane Palmer - Phenix City, AL

Loved it!! This product is simply genius, and it not only works for cosmetics, I have found it useful with household products as well. Thank you!!

Clara Smith, Hampton, VA

I am just getting ready to purchase these. I have looked for years for something to use as I had been throwing away so much product!!! Thanks so much, can't wait to get them!!!!

Rhonda from Maui, Hawaii

This is the greatest Invention ever! I can't believe shark tank didn't go for it. I am ususlly cutting lotion bottles in half to get to the end and that is kind of dangerous trying to cut thru those those now I don't have to!! You don't need shark tank you will do great on your own!! Good luck yo you!!!

Dina, New York

Just bought my Spatty...and it's Daddy! Can't wait to use them! Nice work Cheryl! So glad I tuned in for this weeks episode of Shark Tank! Best of luck with your product!!!

Justine- Los Angeles, CA

Cheryl, I just saw you on Shark Tank and thought you were great! I believe in your product and have been looking for something like this for a long time! I've just ordered and can't wait to get my Spatty and Spatty Daddy and their caddies! Great job and I wish you all the best!

Jenna H. from north Glendale, CA

I saw when you first were on Shark Tank. Tonight I saw the re-air and it made me irritated they didn't help you earlier. I have just purchased your products for stocking stuffers for the gals in our family! You go, girl!

Elaine D, Keizer, Oregon

I saw this on shark tank and now I want to buy it! Really any thing in a bottle this shows me how much money we have wasted now I can get what my moneys worth! I love this product I haven't tried this but I want it

Jamie, Washington

I used to cut my plastic bottles open to get to the end! Thank you for this!

Kory, Carmel CA

Just saw you on Shark Tank...BRILLIANT! How about a baby Spatty to get all the lipstick left in the bottom of the tube instead of spoiling a lip brush. Good Luck to you!!

Suzanne from Palm Desert, CA

OMG...I have been looking for this tool. Thank you for helping us get to the corners and save money. Can't wait to get it. I'll be here again soon to get at least a set. Thanks again!

Sandy, Torrance, Ca

I can't believe no one funded this on the Shark Tank!! I want one of each! My husband cuts the tops off of all my bottles so I can scrape the last bit of my product out. Love, love!!

Heather, Lake Tapps WA

Just saw you on Shark Tanks. Go for it. I understand the product is too inexpensive but I need it and am sure most other women do too.

Linda Everett, WA

I am Soooo excited about this product. I am in love with it and you were right on the 'Tank' It is a simple item but kudos to you for finally thinking this up for all of us out there, because I don't know one single person who COULDN'T use one of these. Thank you so much! I loved you on Shark Tank and had to look you up to get some of these. The only think that I think you need is a spatty pot to to see in concession with these. That way if you're impatient like me you would have a curve little pott to put the excess into and not have to spatty over and over again and you would have a little pot to keep the bottom excesses. But you were great and your idea is great and I was sold immediately. I will be telling all of my friends about this and probably be back to order more. Congrats and I'm glad you are doing so well you deserve it :)

AJ, New Mexico

I saw you on Shark Tank and found this an excellent idea! I have always tried to reach that extra bit lotion to no avail! I have even had to deal with trying to balance bottles upside have them get knocked over. I have put the bottles over funnels to have the lotion "blow out" around the sides and cause a mess! I bought the Spatty and the Spatty Daddy for all our personal care items and am considering getting another set! Thank you for this idea and I wish you all the best in promoting your product...remember the best advertising is word-of-mouth from tried and true customers!

Charlene, Fountain Hills, Arizona

This is an amazing product

Phoenix, Arizona Sarah Vargas

I have not tried this product but as soon as I saw it on Shark Tank, I thought... "BRILLIANT!" - can't wait to get mine!

Leanne from Phoenix, AZ

I can't believe the Sharks missed on this one. I am ordering and the episode of Shark Tanks is still on. I will use this product for all my cosmetics - not just to get the last drop but to stop creams and foundation from getting under my finger nails. I've been looking for this for a very long time!

V. Rattelade Raleigh, N.C.

Perfect solution. A hearty thanks to you. I no longer will need to leave almost empty bottles laying around on their sides and pound them against my hand to get every last drop. I hope you get this out on the mass market. Kudos to you.

Michele, Minnesota

Wife was using chopsticks to get every bit of her expensive face cream so now I'll get her one of these when they are available. I wish you all the best. You were wonderful on TV.

Marshall, Pembroke Pines FL

I just saw you on Shark Tank and love the product! Great thinking! It would be a great selling point for lotion companies or any other beauty product. I could use it for the ranch dressing I just ran out of today--I had to turn the squeezable bottle upside down but will still end up throwing product away. I wish you the best of success with your company!

Lara from Naperville, Illinois

I just saw you on Shark Tank. Such a great idea! Just ordered both! I'm excited to try the Spatty and the Spatty Daddy.


Cheryl I saw you on Shark Tank approximately 6 months ago, I was so disappointed when the did not invest in your product. I never saw this in a store and completely forgot it. Tonight they reran your show, this time I decided to google Spatty, I am so excited to see you are in business. I just ordered a set for and my sister I am sure we will not be disappointed. Thank you

Jackie, Philadelphia PA

I used to feel so guilty throwing away bottles with product still clinging onto the sides. Not anymore, though...thank you!

Beth Nahlor, Ormond Beach FL

The Sharks missed out!! I have been looking for something like this. I love your idea & can't wait for my products to arrive.

Cyndi, Louisville,ky

Great product!

Charleston, sc

Just saw you on a re run of shark tank and immediately had to get online to see if you were selling them. It will save me a lot of money and I often find lotions and things I love that get discountinued so it's the perfect way to get the most out of it. So happy your business has taken off :)

Ciara from Pickford, MI

I just saw you on Shark Tank, and couldn't wait to place an order! I have always looked for smaller things to do exactly what this is designed for and I am so excited! I'm going to share this with all my friends! Thank you Cheryl!

Sherry, Oklahoma City, OK

Just saw your episode on Shark tank. Awesome idea!!!!

Wendy New Hampshire

Saw this on shark tanks also GREAT IDEA! I actually have tried all kinds of things to get to the bottom of my makeup. Nothing works this sounds great. Just wondering if it will fit in my favorite lip gloss bottle which is very tiny?

Merle ct

Very proud to see something so positive come out of SC. Job well done!

Love your product, SC

This is amazing.

Edna Machnaik Rocanville, Sk S0A3L0

Love the product and just ordered! Good Luck, Cheryl!!

Cheryl, Michigan

You are great! One of my favorite episodes. They loved you!

Karen , kitchener, Ontario , Canada

Cheryl you hit the mark!!!!!! The minute I saw your Spatty and Daddy Spatty on Shark Tanks I KNEW it was something I have needed for a very long time. I use to go into my husbands shop and look around for something long and pointed to get into the bottle and get the last drop. Your creation was much better than anything I have ever seen or used. I found you after the show and was one of the first to receive them both. It has been an absolute Fav of mine. THANKS so much!!!!

Cynthia from Caraon City, Nevada

My lotions are now saved, thank you my Spatty Daddy.

Mary Margaret James

This product is crazy!! what an idea!! you are one smart cookie I would like to see more inventions out of you!!!

Colton Smart, Sandy UT

OMG! This product is awesome! I ran out of hair gel and I was running late for work. But thanks to the spatty I was able to get 2 to 3 more days use of the hair gel that I thought was finished! Thanks Cheryl and Mike! You guys are awesome humans and it was great meeting yall at the Oscars gifting suite on Rodeo Dr!


I purchased the Spatty Daddy and it works great! I used it on a bottle of BBQ sauce and was amazed how much sauce was left in the bottle. I'm now going to order the Spatty as well, and get a couple of more for friends. (Loved you on Shark Tank!)

Mrs. Leroy, Palatine, IL

I purchased the Spatty and I LOVE it. I started to put on my make up one morning before work and realized I was OUT!! I quickly grabbed the Spatty and I am on day 3 of using what I thought was "empty" make up bottle! :)

Kayla Brown, GA

Well worth the wait..this little device did exactly what I wanted it to do. It will instantly pay for itself as I am now able to get so much more of my expensive foundation out of the bottle. This little spatty now makes all my liquid cosmetics good to the last drop!

Dr. H Bartlett, IL

it was good

steve charleston nc

got my first Spatty of it, use it not only for the last drop in the bottle but it's great way measure a pea or dime size worth of product as we are often told to use.


I saw you on Shark Tank. I gave a Spatty Daddy to my daughter & daughter-in-law for Christmas. Everyone that saw them wants one, so needless to say....I am ordering more :). Thanks for a great product!

Myra, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Just wanted to share my way of using The Spatty. I'm a sugar cookie decorator and I use plastic squeeze bottles to do so. I use royal icing and when it sits for awhile it starts to separate and get watery. Before I was having to drain the bottles, stir and fill the bottles back up. I remembered about The Spatty and I ordered one. It's been a huge time saver! I use it to stir my icing in the bottle and it comes right back together. Thanks for the great invention!

Nicole Smith

Everyone should get these - they are totally awesome and well worth the money.

Cleo Gaither

A great idea, glad I saw you on Shark Tank. I bought a set for each of my family members for Christmas. I know they are going to enjoy it as much as I do. Like Tonya I would cut my Shampoo and Conditioner bottles in half to get the last drop of each so there was no waste. No more cutting for me.

Joanie, Avenel NJ

great product.I love it

jen, DE

I use to cut my lotion bottles in half to get the rest of my lotion out. I hate wasting my lotion. The Spatty Daddy works perfectly! No more cutting my bottles or wasting expensive lotion!

Tonya W.

I can not believe how much product I threw away before I started using the Spatty and Spatty Daddy.

Angela R.

I can not believe how well it works. I got an extra weeks worth of makeup by using the Spatty!

Gail D.

I use my Spatty to get out medicated cream for diaper rash. I can not believe how much product the Spatty is able to get out! I love this product!

Tina G.

I was able to get out 100% of my most expensive facal products. I love it!

Donna F.

Highly recommanded!!!!!A++++++++++++++++++++

e-bay Buyer: eautotuning

AMAZING PRODUCT and Excellent transaction!!

e-bay Buyer: dcoh5447

Works perfectly, Thank you. AAAAAAA+++++++

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